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Author Topic: How to ad photos  (Read 2952 times)


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How to ad photos
« on: September 04, 2016, 02:00:39 AM »
When you make a new post look down below the white box where you write your post, you should see a link called Attachments and other options.

(For reference see photo 1 below with arrow pointing to attachments link).

Click on attachments link to open it.

That will open it up and you will see a section below called Attach with a button called Browse.

(See photo 3 arrow "A" for reference below).

Click the Browse button and it will open up a box showing access to your hard drive.

You should at that point be able to find and select the photo you wish to upload. You should know where the photo is stored on your hard drive and how to find and select it. Note, if you need help to figure out how to find stored photos on your hard drive please google it as this is to large a subject to cover in this photos how to section about posting photos on this site

The photo should not be too large or it will not upload.

Important - if you wish to upload more then one photo look for the little link below the browse button that says (more attachments) and click it.

(see photo 3 and arrow "B" for reference below)

Another browse button will be added and you will need to click it to ad the 2nd photo, keep going to ad up to 10 photos.

I recommend adding photos 1 at a time, then going back and editing your post to ad more photos, why? If your photo is too large and you went through the trouble to ad multiple photos there could be a problem where all the photos will not be added so if you are sure your photos are not to large, ad multiple photos at once, other wise ad them 1 at a time and the re-edit your post.

To re-edit your post click on the "modify post" link up at the top of your post after it has been posted.

(See photo 2 with arrow for reference to find modify button to edit or modify your post after it has been posted)

Maximum number of attachments per post are 10.

There is another article on how to embed photos inside your post, not just below your post as attachments. If you would like to view that article follow this link:



NOTE - for those of you visiting this website but who are not members and who are not logged in, you will not be able to see the photos referenced below or any photos attached to any post because you are not logged in. In some cases you may be able to see embedded photos that have been attached, then embedded into post.
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