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Author Topic: How to ad photos - embedding in post  (Read 2273 times)


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How to ad photos - embedding in post
« on: September 04, 2016, 04:42:23 AM »
This article will show you how to ad embed photos in your post.

There are 2 ways to ad photos to your post.

1. Adding as attachments - this way your photos are hosted on this site and will appear below your post in a list - but only for people who are members and who are logged in. Visitors who are not logged in will not see the photos.

2. Embedding photos in a post - with this method you can ad photos to your post as attachments, then embed the photo in your post. The second way to embed a photo in your post is to upload your photo to our photo gallery, then embed the photo in your post. Photos embedded in post can be seen be all people who visit this site no matter if they are logged in your not.

Please do not embed photos in your post that are hosted in other locations on the web, this leads to dead links if those photos ever get moved or deleted. If you frequent other forums perhaps you have seen this - dead photo links that have a graphic of a frog or something that says this photo has been deleted or the account the photo is from has been deleted. This really sucks - this is why we do not want photos embedded on this site that are hosted in other locations - we NEVER want to see those dead photo graphics here on this site, your cooperation on this will be much appreciated.

Lets get started.

Step 1, upload photos to your post as shown in our previous article on how to ad photos located here at this link:


After you upload your photos as attachments then come back here and follow these instructions if you wish to embed your photos in your post.

After uploading as attachment and saving/publishing your post, click on the photo attachment thumbnail below your post so it enlarges to full size.

Next right click on it and chose view image. The image will appear in your browser and you can see the image address in your web browser address bar.

Copy the image address from your browser address bar and then click on the modify post link at the top of your post.

Next place your curser in the location in your post that you want the embedded image to appear.

Next click on the "insert image" button on the top menu. To find this button slowly move your mouse curser over each button on the menu until you see the text that says "insert image" it should be the button to the left of the button that has the larger blue planet graphic.

You will see image tags appear in your post with the curser flashing in between them. Click the control button and the "V" button on your keyboard to past the image address in between the photo tags.

Note - embedded photos appear at full size in your post so keep this in mind.

Next save/publish your post, the embedded image will appear in your post where the image tags were placed.

Method number 2, navigate to our photo gallery and upload your photo there. Save/Publish it.

After you save/publish the photo, view it in your photo gallery, then right click on it and chose view photo. Copy the photo address as instructed in the section above, the follow the instructions in the section above to embed the photo in your post.


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