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Author Topic: R51 Magazine lips  (Read 1452 times)


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Re: R51 Magazine lips
« Reply #30 on: July 11, 2018, 12:50:14 PM »
Hey gang
So here is the latest.. Remington actually sent me two new mags...they weren’t off the rack in blister packs...hand pulled.   I checked the specs ..13 coils to the mag spring and what do you know...the lips are exactly 0.351. Front and back, perfectly parallel.
Went to the range on Tuesday and put a 100 rounds through each without a single hiccup...
So,maybe, just maybe they were listening when I was talking to them...
Also I did not modify the tab retaining the follower on these..shot all fmg that day, so I don’t know if hp rounds will hang on them...next trip to the range I’ll see.
Y’all take care and have a great 4th

I'd be willing to bet that these are the correct specs for the mags and the 3rd party manufacturer of the mags really blew it when producing them.


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Re: R51 Magazine lips
« Reply #31 on: July 11, 2018, 03:40:08 PM »
This in the comments section of the hrfunk video on the R51 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4HUNEfr-j0&feature=youtu.be
by user Big10.  Re-posted because what we have been hearing from Remington and others is to remove a coil from the spring.  The following discussion seems to make sense and suggests the spring isn't strong enough. 
cut/paste follows:


The problem is NOT that the mag springs are too strong. The symptoms your gun is showing is often too WEAK of a magazine spring. The round is escaping the control of the magazine under recoil (inertia of the round tries to keep the round in the same position -- an object at rest tends to stay at rest) while the gun and magazine are moving backwards. But the pressure of the spring is too WEAK to hold the round in the magazine. When the the round pops free of the mag, it will be IN FRONT of the extractor hook. The next round below comes up to the top of magazine, pushes the escaped round up into the path of the slide on return, causing the bind between slide, round, and barrel . This is true for both the "weird horizontal pinched round" and the "stove piped" round. if you remove a round or two from the mag, it won't have the problem since the spring has less weight of the rounds to push up, keeping sufficient pressure on the top round.

Three points: (1) were any of these jammed rounds UNDER the extractor when you looked? I'm guessing "no". And if so, then they were released from the magazine BEFORE the disconnector rail of the slide pushed the round out of the magazine. (2) If you download the magazine, does it ever jam like this? A downloaded magazine is often used to prevent jams when magazine springs are weak (think Viet Nam and M16 -- 18 rounds vs 20 rounds.) (3) The old axiom: first round or last round of a magazine that jams a gun is a weak magazine spring issue; the fix is to install a stronger spring! Want to reproduce the issue in another gun? Got a 1911? disassemble the mag and cut a couple of coils from the mag spring. Reassemble and watch the same jams magically appear. Quod Erat Demostrandum.

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Re: R51 Magazine lips
« Reply #32 on: July 12, 2018, 01:43:37 AM »
Someone mentioned recently they had better results using 124 gr. ammo. I just went through a box of 124, with no hang ups whatsoever. But, I had no issues in 300 rds. of standard 115 gr., either. My Huntsville seems to shoot reliably, except it hits so low I had to file the front sight down to raise the impact point. The mag springs are really firm; I need to remember to take the mag loading tool to the range! Looking to put more ammo downrange! Wish 124 gr. was easier to find! I like hardball, no sense in spending extra for fancy jacketed, etc., if all I'm doing is punching paper.



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