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Author Topic: 7 + 1  (Read 1213 times)

Ben B.

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Re: 7 + 1
« Reply #15 on: January 14, 2019, 03:03:04 PM »
I noticed on my 2 new mags that one allowed the 7th round to be pressed down maybe .15” from the top and the other barely moved. The one that pressed down ~.15” was fine with 7+1, while the other was not. I shortened the legs on the other, and it now depresses and functions with 7+1.


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Re: 7 + 1
« Reply #16 on: June 07, 2019, 04:58:18 PM »
Sorry for the delayed follow-up. 

   Finally a combination of free time and warmer weather has inspired a trip to the range.  When last I posted I had just modified a second magazine by removing a millimeter from the legs of the follower.  Since then, I also acquired two new magazines - so off to the range I went with the two modified (original) magazines, and two new unmodified mags fully loaded (7 rounds each) for testing.
  A quick recap regarding my gun's prior performance:  out-of-the-box my gun would easily chamber and fire all seven rounds from the magazine - if the loaded magazine was inserted with the action open, and then the slide was closed to chamber the first round.  If, however, the full magazine was inserted with the action closed, or even with a round in the chamber (7+1) some sort of jam or failure to feed would result with either magazine.  Long story short, for various observed reasons, the theory that the magazine follower was bottoming-out seemed the most likely culprit; so I decided to remove a millimeter from the rear leg of one magazine, and trim a wedge shaped cut from the front leg - leaving the length at front the same while tapering up by a millimeter along the sides toward the rear of that front leg.  My thought being to leave the support at the front so as to keep the cartridges ‘nose-up’ in the stack while allowing for the rear of the cartridge to go down enough so that the bolt could clear the head of the cartridge for chambering; this proved successful for that first magazine, so I performed the same mod on the second original magazine.  This brings us all to the present.

    Results:  With the two modified mags I could now shoot 7+1 with no issues at all.  I could even insert the fully loaded magazine into the gun with the action closed and, as long as I used a firm grip and a sharp pull-back and release at the back of travel, I could also chamber that top round and shoot all seven without incident. 
    To my pleasant surprise I found that the two new unmodified magazines gave the same result.  Huzzah!
    Indeed, between the four magazines, I put about 100 rounds through the gun at that range session; focusing mostly on the newly modified second magazine, and the two new unmodified magazines.  I’m going to be perfectly honest here, all the mags were performing so flawlessly that I was looking excitedly forward to coming here with a thoroughly glowing report - and then, with only seven rounds left,  I inserted the last magazine of the day with the action closed and tried to chamber that top round.  Sigh, I couldn’t clear the cartridge head.  So I transferred the 7 bullets into the second new magazine - same result.  So I transferred the 7 bullets to the second modified mag ... - same result.  Then deciding that my hands and fingers were probably tired from loading a hundred rounds, and transferring these last rounds, I decided to take a couple of minutes and rest my hands; after which I grabbed that second modified (and fully loaded) mag and (as described above) gave it hell - she loaded and ran just fine. 
    Point being, you really cannot wimp out on that top round - grip it hard, pull it back hard and sharp, and don’t even think about trying to ride it forward.

    I will do some more testing with the new ‘unmodified’ mags; and will report back with further results.  Like so many here, I would like to believe that the magazine issues have been sorted out, but it might be that I just had a good day at the range; FWIW, it is the first time I've shot the gun at over 50˚F.  We’ll see.
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