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R51 General Discussion / Re: Trijicon tritium sights for the R51
« on: April 03, 2017, 03:34:32 PM »
SCurmudgeon and the rest of you with Sights set so you are shooting low.
My R51 Gen 2 was consistently grouping about 4" low and 2" left.  Left to right is a simple fix, but elevating the front Sights is above my pay grade. 
I  received the new trijicon front and rear sights.  I  installed the rear Sights  slightly left of the center mark from the original.  I went to the range and ran 200 rounds through with Winchester FMJ 115g.  The grouping was so tight there was no paper left within 3" where the bullseye was.  Last week I ran another 100 through and got similar results.   At this point, I am not planning on installing the new front Sights.  They resemble the same style and look as the original    I don't want to mess up a good thing. 

Happy with my new rear Sights  and  my  R51,

R51 General Discussion / Re: Trijicon tritium sights for the R51
« on: February 20, 2017, 09:13:17 AM »

I purchased the Trijicon Remington R51 Night Sight Set 600798 on Friday and am waiting on the delivery.  I have read several other posts about owners whose R51 had sight elevation issues.  Those of you that have already installed the new Trijicon sights, did they help to raise the aim point?  Mine has averaged about 4" low over the previous 900 rounds.  I went out Friday and shot another couple of hundred rounds (Winchester white box) and strangely enough was only shooting groups about 2" low.  At least that is the 1.5" area where there was no paper left on the target.  I was compensating by using a red marker and making an "X"  above the center on my targets.  I sent Remington two emails asking for a solution and after not receiving a reply, thought this might be the best way to correct the issue.  I do not want to remove material from the dovetail to raise the rear sight if the Trijicon sights will work.  If anyone else has installed them and corrected the elevation issue, let the rest of know how they worked out.

BTW...I have used the four Gen 2 mags and four original Gen 1 mags, fully loaded with 7 rounds, and have not had any problem racking the slide.  Typically, burning up ammo at the range, I insert the mags per spec with the slide locked back.  But the times I have inserted them with the slide NOT locked open, mine easily racks and chambers.  I had a stovepipe on my first magazine, but know other issues since.  I did have one of the Gen 1 mags that did not seat (embarrassingly fell out when I racked the slide), but that was probably because I did not push it in completely.  I am fortunate that none of my mags have required any manipulation of the followers.  But, like the old saying goes, "what ever trips your trigger"...you do what you have to do.  Removing 3/16" from the legs on the follower seems to have worked for Blackie and Kirk.

Lovin' my R51 Gen 2 more and more every day, but still mostly carrying my Alabama Inaugural commemorative RM380 !  They both work GREAT.

General Discussion / Re: R-51 currently in production 2016
« on: June 24, 2016, 08:31:01 AM »
I just talked with Remington and was told to expect my new R51 in about a week.  GunsAmerica Weekly has an article about it today also.  The eblast has started.  GA also reiterated that WE who have been waiting for so long are going to be the first to receive the new pistols.  When they start being received, make sure to post your comments about the changes and your range experiences.
Near future beta tester,

General Discussion / Great new...it REALLY is BACK !!!
« on: June 10, 2016, 03:16:47 AM »
Guys and Gals,

10:22AM on 06/10/2016 - The R51 production team has a BIG announcement coming up about the release date for the Gen 2.  Keep your eyes open for a barrage of electronic information to the loyal R51 owners and an eblast to announce the re-launch to the rest of the gun world in the next few weeks.  The approvals have all been made, the suppliers are all on board, the plant is fabricating (has already built 100's, tested and proved reliable) and distribution is preparing to package them to send out the first ones to those that have stuck it out and have been loyal (although exasperated) to Remington.  From what I have been told over the past few months about how it has been thoroughly tested and painstakingly inspected, this next version is going to be GREAT!  The redesign and the durability of the Gen 2 will extend its longevity to make it an heirloom for generations to come...like its predecessor the Model 51.  If you sent your original R51 back for the voluntary recall repairs and have been waiting like I have for almost 2 years...the wait is almost over.  It will be so nice to be able to talk about the performance of the new Remington R51 - Generation 2 Pistol  and put behind us all of the other conspiracy stuff that has been posted on this forum.  It is rather apropos that this re-release will happen in their 200th year anniversary.  I will be honest that I have also been skeptical, but have hoped what I was being told was correct (even though the time line kept getting pushed back until they could make sure it met their QC requirements...this time).

Congratulations to Mr. Marcotuli for having the tenacity to verify the quality of every single one the details, and to the Remington engineers, designers, and mechanics that have worked to get it right before the marketers are allowed to hype it up.  I hope this has been a lesson learned for all gun makers, albeit there could have been some improvements on the communication side.  And to the person that has kept me up to date (so I could keep you guys informed of the real facts) I am very appreciative.

Mine is being shipped!  Soon to be an R51 Gen 2 Beta tester,

General Discussion / Re: R-51 currently in production 2016
« on: April 26, 2016, 02:17:41 PM »
I  have also heard, from someone who is in an executive position, something similar with greater detail.   
The wait is almost over...  I will let you know when mine arrives.

General Discussion / Re: 50 re-designed prototype 51s? Any news?
« on: February 26, 2016, 05:04:47 AM »

I saw this on another website today. . .

Just got this back today from Remington.

"Good morning, 

That gun is schedule for the second quarter of this year. It has been approved and sometime during the second quarter is when we will start shipping them."

It sounds like the rep with whom I spoke at the first of February was correct!
Still hoping to be a R51, Gen 2 Beta Tester this year,

General Discussion / once again excited the R51 Will Be Back!!!
« on: February 04, 2016, 08:13:35 AM »

8:44 this morning - I was just called by a person at Remington that is in the know and I am once again excited about the R51…  I told that person that I would not reveal all of the items about which we spoke or that person's identity, but was very pleased with the phone call and the genuine sincerity.

Yesterday I got to the point where I had heard enough, read enough, called enough, and emailed enough, that I was going to have to talk to someone.  I wanted to talk to someone that could give me the info that will help me decide whether I should continue to hold on to the last thread of hope or write it off and look for the next closest 9mm that could match the way the R51 felt in my hands, it carried, concealed, the reduced recoil, and gave me the same enjoyment, and was just fun to shoot.  So I started with a couple of more emails to some of the management departments with requests to be called.  I called the Support phone number and was told the same pat answer that "it is being tested and there is no time line as to when it will be released into production".  I asked to speak with her supervisor and was passed off to another nice lady that could not give me any more info.  Again I asked to speak with her supervisor and was kindly told that would not be a problem and was thanked for calling and being so patient…then was transferred to another VM.  Then I called Arkansas and talked to someone that worked in another department, that recommended I call a person in Huntsville, Alabama (that sounds good) in QC and gave me their direct phone number.  Once again, I hit a road block and left a message on a Voice Mail.  My last ditch effort before completely giving up and saying To Hell with Remington, was to send another email to an engineer that had responded to a previous email I sent 6 months ago.  I asked in the email "well is it or is it not going to be released?".  Previously he was not able to provide the answers, but he sent my email to his boss and replied with the response that was provided to him.  It was what I thought to be the most honest from someone that appeared to really represent the truth about the situation.  But alas, not even a receipt that he had received my email this time.  That was yesterday.

8:44 this morning - I was just called by a person at Remington that is in the know and I am once again excited about the R51.  The last person I emailed yesterday, sent my email up the chain to someone that truly cares about the image of the company for which he works.  That person told me the testing that has been going on has been extremely successful and the R51 WILL be going back into production.  There is one single part that was holding up the final acceptance, but the final tweaking was done in December so that it would comply with the requirements.  Had it not been acceptable, they would have had to redesign the tooling for the frame.  Those requirements are based off of a maximum amount of rounds that it is designed to handle for the expected life of the pistol before any part has to be replaced.  All of the production line new R51 pistols are being shot each day and then evaluated, then put through the same testing again and again until they have been tested to meet those maximum amount of rounds. 

Being as frustrated as all of us who are still hanging on to the possibility that the R51 will be corrected and re released, I felt much better after the conversation.  I was told the decision as to the actual release date will only be made after all of the testing is completed, and the testing is much more strenuous than ever before on any model.  Similarly, the new RM380 also was supposed to be released several months prior to its actual release date, but was delayed because of the additional QC that done in the tooling tolerances and testing that had to meet the approval of the engineers first.  We discussed some of the posts being published on the forums about several conspiracy theories: "Remington has been leading people on to reduce the financial impact of having to reimburse its consumers all at the same time"…"The new pistols in design will be issued to replace the R51"…etc., etc.  We discussed several of the issues I have posted on this forum.  I had run over 800 rounds through the one that I returned and it was functioning fine.  My biggest issue was it was showing some minor wear on the Disconnector.  I was told the design of the final part that was accepted in December 2015, before the new R51 was approved by their engineers to comply with the design requirements.  The new version of the R51 with all of its approved parts functioning the way it is supposed to, (and I assume with the new improved parts shown during the Shot Show 2015) is in the final firing testing and WILL BE GOING INTO PRODUCTION as soon as these tests are completed.  Doing some "cipherin" on my own…at 65 rounds a day, if they are shooting a total of 5000 rounds, that would equal 77 days of shooting, (without including any days for tolerance evaluation, checking for wear on the barrel, slide, trigger, disconnector, ejector, etc.) and at 21 working days in a month, that is three and a half months.  Since the redesign of the final part was approved in December, then that pushes the testing completion at least into April or May at a minimum.

I explained there are a lot of diehard Remington R51 loyal consumers that have still been waiting, (either patiently optimistic because we are smart enough to know that when something is rushed, mistakes are caused; or pretty darn stupid, because why would any smart person remain optimistic after being patient so long) but their frustration level is reaching its peak and even some of them are already changing their brand.  If what I was told is factual, (and I believe it is) we will have our replacements this year (hopefully this summer).  The conversation also included talk about several other launches that are in the works…but will not be released until the engineers testing is completed on the production line pieces first. We spoke for 18 minutes and 44 seconds.  Later this morning, I noticed I had received a reply at 9:12 from the engineer fellow that I emailed as my last ditch effort yesterday:

"I am sorry to hear that you are still unable to resolve your customer service issue regarding your R51. I have forwarded your entire message to my boss who will do what can be done to obtain additional information; when I receive a reply, I will pass it on to you."

Still hoping to be a future R51, Gen 2 Beta Tester,

General Discussion / Re: It's NOT Back!!! NOT EVEN IN THE 2016 CATALOG
« on: January 08, 2016, 09:24:12 AM »
It does not look like they are going to resolve the issues with the R51 design after all.   It is not even listed in the new 2016 catalog.   The Shot  Show is in a couple of weeks.  I am sure it will be a topic that someone will write about.  It sure seems like Remington has decided to take the RM380 design from Rohrbaugh and push that as the new EDC handgun.  It would not surprise me to see a new RM9 come next, like the Rohrbaugh R9 design.
Not hopeful for the next generation R51,

General Discussion / Re: It's not ready to come Back, yet!!!
« on: September 24, 2015, 12:47:50 PM »

This was the reply from R&D:

Mr. T3

I forwarded your email to my boss, who is a Sr. VP with Remington. She is in a much better position to understand and comment on Remington's current efforts in processing R51 replacements. Her response is below (BTW, LinkedIn would not allow me to include your original content in this response to you; too many characters):

Mr. T3,
"I am so glad your experience with the R51 pistol was positive. We have heard similar comments from others. 

Remington is committed to getting it right every time, and in the case of the R51, we're just not 100 percent there yet. In light of this, the most recent note from customer service is the best information I can pass along. If a more comprehensive update becomes available, I'll certainly let you know.

Thank you for your continued support and patience."

What do you think of this kind of response coming from their Sr. VP, after all of the other statements these past months from their Consumer Relations Dept. saying the R51 was already being fabricated?  I sincerely hope that this means that R is going to do everything in their power to assure each and every part of the Gen 2 functions flawlessly. ...and not that this is just another stall tactic before a public announcement.

Thoroughly Disgusted,

General Discussion / Re: NO, It's NOT Back!!!
« on: August 20, 2015, 10:57:42 PM »
Last week I posted an update from Remington Consumer Relations where they indicated again that they were told the R51 is in production and the new versions were scheduled to ship to those that had participated in the voluntarily recall sometime late September. My conclusion was to not get your hopes up until I reported back that I had received a delivery Tracking Number. Well, my conclusion was more right than I hoped it would be. This unsolicited email was just received at 5:02 yesterday:

Mr. T3.....I just wanted to give you an update from my previous email.
We were informed late today of the status of the R51. Currently we don't have a timeframe for the re-introduction of this firearm but our Huntsville R&D center is working to have it back on the market as soon as possible.
We appreciate your patience as we continue our efforts to re-launch this item. Please let us know if you would like to have your money refunded.

Best regards,
Consumer Services

It seems every time there is a shred of vision that the once great Remington is going through a resurgence to turn their company around to become the real leader that they once were, they bash my expectations. There are six emails that I have received from them over the past year where they indicated or implied that the R51 was either getting ready to go into production and the delivery dates were on schedule or the R51 was already in production. Here are some of them that I have saved - 10/22/14 The R51's are in production and are scheduled to start shipping the end of October - first of November. , 10/30/14 I was informed after I sent you an email that the R51's are just now going into production....for shipment sometime the first of 2015. , 5/12/15 The R51s are in production and scheduled for release the latter part of June. , 7/8/15 We have been told the R51 is going into production in August and hopefully will be shipping out late September. , 8/17/15 We are being told the R51's are in production and should be shipping out end of Sept to the people who sent theirs in under the recall. , and now this last one yesterday.

I have always in the past tried to come up with some form of positive closure to my posts on this forum. Sorry. Cannot come up with one this time. I sent a letter to the R&D Engineer to see if someone there will be honest and let us know if there will actually be a generation 2. If I get a response I will let you know.

General Discussion / Re: It's Back!!! Well, Soon!
« on: August 17, 2015, 03:31:51 AM »
I sent Remington a follow up to ask if the R51 was actually in production, as they had indicated it would be in August on their last correspondence.  I also asked about the production schedule for the RM380.  Below is their response. 

Remington Support
Service Ticket Response
Mr. T3...............We are being told the R51's are in production and should be shipping out end of Sept to the people who sent theirs in under the recall and mid-October to our wholesalers.
There is yet to be a release date for the RM380 as they are still in the testing phase.
Best regards,
Consumer Services

Thank you and best regards,
Remington Customer Services

It sounds like the wait is just about over.  I will let you know if they send a Tracking Number to let me know it has shipped.  Don't get your hopes up until them.  We have been told other dates that have long since passed.

General Discussion / Re: It's Back!!! Well...not yet
« on: July 08, 2015, 07:35:19 AM »
this just in...

Remington Support
Service Ticket Response
Mr. T3..............
We sincerely apologize for the extended delay in the manufacturing and shipping of the R51. With the move to the new facility in Huntsville, AL there were several delays in getting this new plant up and running, therefore causing another delay.
We have been told the R51 is going into production in August and hopefully will be shipping out late September.

Because of this additional delay Remington is offering to refund your money if you will send in your receipt.

Again, our sincerely apologies.
Best regards,
Consumer Services

Thank you and best regards,
Remington Customer Services

I responded that I have waited this long, what is another few months.

Anxiously waiting a few more months,

General Discussion / Re: It's almost here!!!
« on: May 12, 2015, 12:39:27 AM »
Tue 05/12/2015 8:59 AM...this just in!

Good morning,
The R51s are in production and scheduled for release the latter part of June.
Best Regards,
Consumer Services

Thank you and best regards,
Remington Customer Services

...this response is similar to one recently posted on another forum. 

There is also the new RM380 that is supposed to hit the market at the same time.  It is a remake of the Rohrbaugh 380 (Remington Group purchased Rohrbaugh last year) with some changes to reduce recoil and reduce price.  Check out the new Remington 2015 catalog.  The first 1000 are supposed to have a Stainless Slide with the engraving of the  "commemorative 1st Alabama Inaugural Product model. This edition will have a black frame and stainless steel slide and barrel for a sharp two-tone look along with a black engraving on the forward section of the slide. The Alabama edition will come with a commemorative challenge coin and production will be limited to just 1000 pistols." - See more at: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/04/05/gun-review-new-remington-rm380/#sthash.iZYWLICH.dpuf

Patiently waiting to be the Gen 2 beta tester... still patiently waiting,

General Discussion / Re: It's Back!!!
« on: January 27, 2015, 02:01:07 AM »
Hey Guys,

There are a lot of recent articles about the R51 Gen 2 (Google: Remington R51 latest news & Remington R51 at Shot Show 2015).  Guns America also just ran an article by Dave Higginbotham on January 26, 2015 about his conversation with the Remington reps in their booth at the Shot Show.  You may want to check them out.  It is interesting about some of the changes those guys are reporting.  The magazine has a new thicker rounded base plate that is slightly extended (resolving the weak base plate issue and the magazine seating issue), the Breech Block will have a plating to harden it (resolving the pressure wear issue), the trigger will have a noticeable trigger reset not felt before, and there is an added set screw in the sights (I am not a fan of that design and did not have a problem with the sights walking on my original R51, but some did report them as loose).  I think the problems with the sights was a fabrication issue with the dovetail tolerances that could have been resolved with tighter quality controls.  The hard Pelican case and two additional magazines are great and an added benefit, but the pistol working properly is the real issue.

If they get the functionality right on the R51, it will have been worth the wait,

General Discussion / It's Back!!!
« on: January 21, 2015, 05:08:56 AM »
IT’S BACK: Remington Relaunches A Redesigned R51

Posted by Bob Owens on January 21, 2015 at 9:31 am in the BearingArms.com article

...when the doors opened for SHOT Show 2015, a revised R51 that reportedly addressed not only the mechanical reliability issues but some of the more common gripes, such as smoothing out the “hitch” in the Pedersen action and creating a discernible trigger reset point that was missing in the 2014 version...and hope to start seeing these showing up in the hands of reviewers soon.

Hey Guys,

Check out the article that Bob Owens wrote in the BearingArms.com about the new and improved R51.

The wait is almost over,

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