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R51 General Discussion / Re: Any range updates?
« on: September 26, 2018, 06:45:43 AM »
I use the Crimson Trace sight, and have found that different loads hit the target in different places.  If I set the sight using 115 grain ammo, they hit dead center in the red dot at 10 yards.  If I switch to 147 grain ammo without adjusting the red dot, it always shoots low.  P vs +P also makes a difference.

Sounds normal to me. different loads have different POI on most guns. If you ever want a good watch, look up vids of barrel whip in rifles in slo-mo. the physics are the same in pistols but with different values in the variables.

R51 General Discussion / Re: Addressing reliability issues
« on: September 26, 2018, 06:40:51 AM »
Actually a pretty well written article with some real solutions. a nice change from "firearm X doesn't run 110% on anything under the sun in all my imaginary scenarios, regardless of plausibility therefore is junk and the mfr is incompetent". I like the reasoning and conclusions and will probably try some on mine (tweaking the feed lips for example). I would add to the bit about mag springs that the shorter and higher capacity the mag, the harder it is to gen the springs to a happy place because you have such a difference in full and empty (vs uncompressed) length. could put a page on that but I'll leave it alone for now.

Matt: you can't "not fully cock the hammer" because the hammer cocks before the slide picks up the fresh round. also, either it catches on the sear or it doesn't. Your gun either has something affecting the operation of the hammer (dirty firing pin channel as you noticed) or just has too light of a hammer spring for the primers you use (whether by design, wear, or variation due to poor QC).

R51 General Discussion / Re: R51 Threaded Barrels Available!
« on: June 11, 2018, 06:07:17 AM »
I am officially sold out, and wanted to give the community a big

Thank You!

I hope we helped to drive up the interest in the pistol and this forum. The next item will be metal triggers coming Q4 this year or early Q1 next.

REALLY looking forward to that upgrade. if you want a beta tester, let me know, I'm just an hour or 2 down the road and can be a major trigger snob if you ask ;D

Other Guns - talk about them here / Re: Armalite AR24
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:34:08 AM »
Negative, steel and aluminum, looks like.

They sure made it look like it was polymer. How good a pistol is it? I have never heard of one.

It's a black epoxy like many CZs (and others). very thick paint. I don't care for it much either. It's yet another CZ75 clone.

General Discussion / Re: Rifle Confiscation in Illinois
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:30:37 AM »
At xmas, my mom asked if we'd ever come back to live closer in IL again. Luckily there are plenty of reasons and didn't have to break it to her that her little boy actually has those loud horrible things in the house, not to mention how many qualify as evil assault weapons.

R51 General Discussion / Re: R51 Barrel
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:25:18 AM »
The seemingly small increase in diameter of the barrel nut more than makes up for the direction of the knurles. it's easier to hold on to the nut than the original barrel.

Not knocking Remington, ( PARA on the other hand........well), but I have had  a Ruger SR1911 for years and have had no problems. The fit and finish is superb in my opinion. Then again, it isn't in 9mm either.

SR1911 isn't the same as a base 1911 R1. mine was the cheapest model (on sale plus rebate which made trading it +cash for the para a nice deal.

My Para's from back before they started overproducing and lost quality and well before Remington bought and gutted them.

General Discussion / Re: Mfgr. listening?
« on: March 27, 2018, 11:20:34 PM »
Georgia, apparently. If you haven't be, it's definitely another planet...


That friend lives in Florida, not Georgia.

Georgia's just "the south". Florida's a whole different planet. spring break, grandma, and batsh** crazy. news story about neighbor getting naked and howling an the roof then running around town trying to eat people? just another day in Florida.

And there do seem to be more recalls from US makers. Smith's no exception from what I've read. Lots of revolvers making a trip back to the factory for stuff that shouldn't have passed QC. Fine otherwise and afterward but it's like nobody's even glancing at them after they roll off the line.

Gun related links / Re: Numrich has R51 parts
« on: March 19, 2018, 12:52:22 AM »
I wonder who their source is. Remington??
They source parts wherever they can. For all we know, they buy the stripped parts from the guns that are replaced under warranty or trade ins to gun shops. They'll even buy used guns from us, the end users.

Don't get the regular R1 commander. My first time picking it up then picking up something better the lack of quality and fitment was obvious. Traded it on a used Para double stack not even a week later. From what I've heard, the enhanced models are quite a bit better so good luck.

That's marketing though, the basic ones exist to sell the better ones. still stupid that I can get any number of guns for half the price put together better than something with a reputation that's been around for 100 years.

R51 General Discussion / Re: Locktite application on grip screws
« on: March 12, 2018, 02:13:25 AM »
locktite RED? hope you don't want to change the grips ever.

Other Guns - talk about them here / Re: springfield xd .45
« on: March 04, 2018, 10:03:58 PM »
Don't own one but had a 9 and have shot a 45. get the XD mod2. much better grip than the XDM.

R51 General Discussion / Re: R51 fired without cartridge fully seated.
« on: February 27, 2018, 03:12:46 AM »
       I agree about Remington.   Although I do have a two calibre pistol with
the same mags.   My .22TCM/9MM uses the same mag for both calibres.
 :) :)

yea but the 22tcm was specifically designed to use the same mags and has they fit the same outside dimensions minus the neck area.

Why buy a R-51 Pistol / Re: Why I Bought an R51
« on: February 25, 2018, 11:43:02 PM »
I'm a retired engineering manager and have always been fascinated with ingenious mechanisms.  I like the way the Pedersen action works and have been interested in R51s since they first came out.  Recently Remington offered a $100 rebate.  The rebate, combined with my points at Cabela's, brought the price down to $100.  How could I not buy a cool gun for $100?!

I have a number of firearms.  I often carry a Taurus TCP in a pocket holster, but I wanted a carry gun with a harder hitting caliber.  Once broken-in I'm hoping that the R51 is reliable enough to be a carry gun.  Incidentally, my favorite handguns in my collection are a Remington R1, CZ 75BD, and a first gen S&W 66.

Same reason I have a collection: I love all the different solutions to the same problem. my edc is a HK P7. Here's my interesting list: Pederson lock: R51 (and an old Model 51 in .380 on the way). roller lock: CZ52, Calico 951 (9mm carbine). Gas delayed: HK P7 M8, Walther CCP. sliding block: Walther P1. misc: Para P14-45 (because a single stack 1911 is far to plebeian) Chiappa Rhino, Bond Bullpup9 (similar to the boberg), RFB, Tavor X95,

I too have numerous hand guns, always been a gun nut, 75 plus years now.  2 CZs, 2 Kahrs, 4 Rugers, (both revolvers and autos), S&W, Boberg, 1911 type RIA combo .22 TCM/9mm, etc, etc.

Right now I have put the Rem RM380 up and am carrying two R51s.  One IWB, the other in an oppsite side pocket holster.
Simplifies the ammo/magazine problems.

The Boberg is a X9L and is for sale if anyone is interested.  Have not had even a hint of a problem with it, perfect, other that it and my crooked, arthritic trigger finger dont get along.

Ack, I don't need to know that... I must ask if it still is and how much though.

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