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R51 General Discussion / R51 back from Heinrich's - no joy
« on: October 11, 2017, 01:52:54 AM »
My second R51 Gen2 just came back from the Remington repair partner in Huntsville. After putting 1500 rds. or so through it, the slide lock pin was walking out after each shot, the magazine lock retaining pin was walking out after every 2nd or third shot, and inexplicably, would not feed hollow point +P ammo. All the while still shooting low, but when the +Ps actually chambered, they were about 6" low at 15 yds.

The result of this most recent trip to the R51 spa? They replaced the slide stop, test fired it, and declared "Firearm performed perfectly".

I called Remington repair and asked for additional information (they had none). But I did learn more about their procedure. Most important, their test fire protocol is to attach a laser sight, slew the laser to the sights at SEVEN FEET, and fire away. I was told that since this is a carry gun, and that the average encounter is at two feet,  this is a valid test for confirming accuracy and sight alignment.

Remington had no idea what sort of ammo they used for testing. Also, I asked about any engineering changes from the original R51 magazines and current. Other than the change in base plates, "no changes have been made ". Considering the number of reports of guns sent in for repair came back with magazines "tuned" and functioned better after, well, I just don't buy it.

Rant over, buyer beware.

R51 General Discussion / Frame wear
« on: March 01, 2017, 03:34:28 AM »
Does anyone have frame wear similar to this?

R51 General Discussion / 2nd R51 Gen2 fun and frustration
« on: February 28, 2017, 12:48:37 AM »
Got my first R51 Gen2 last fall. After about 300 rds, POI was 8" low at 7 yds and  was plagued with additional problems. Sent it in (went to Mark's in Birmingham), where it sat, untouched for two months. Remington area rep had it sent to him, and finally a repair dept. supervisor had a new pistol sent to me. Picked it up after Christmas.
2nd pistol, also a Charlotte frame, has been better, Like the first one, initial field strip, clean and lube. Cleaned again at 200 rds., again at 750, again at 975, and another cleaning at 1025. The last time was to test how long from fully clean and lubed to the first FTF with my carry ammo, 147gr Hydroshok. For this gun, seems to be after 35-40 rounds, a cartridge will prevent the slide from pushing it into battery. The round is horizontal, still in the magazine, but not captured under the front lip on the magazine. A gentle push against the rear of the slide will successfully chamber the round every time. This round count to an FTF has been pretty consistent after each cleaning, not counting the initial one.
This FTF problem has been present since the first three rounds in the new gun did this. I had some of the other break-in glitches, a few full nosedives, a couple stovepipes of live rounds and a single stovepipe of an ejecting fired case. The FTF issue is still keeping me from carrying this weapon, which is the reason I bought it.
Other issues, which may or may not bear on the FTF problem are:
1-   Retaining pin that holds the magazine catch in place keeps drifting to the right, far enough to misalign by over half the pin diameter upwards. pushing the catch assembly down into alignment allows the pin to go back into place.
2-   Considerable frame wear on both sides of the platform the breech block jumps up onto during cycling. Finish is worn off completely and the allow is wearing noticeably.
3-   Prior to the cleaning at 750 rds., the gun was quite dirty. I had a number of misfires from light primer strikes. During cleaning, I checked the breech block and the firing pin had difficulty moving back and forth. After soaking in a carbon solvent, then a trip through an ultrasonic, the issue went away.
There are still the annoying things like the lack of dehorning the underside of the "beavertail" and the persistently low POI with a combat center sight picture. I can live with those, it point shoots perfectly without using the sights, but I want to carry it and the FTF issue has to go away.

Thanks for any insights/ideas.

Introductions section / New from Tennessee
« on: February 27, 2017, 07:51:37 AM »
Greetings from the foothills of the Cumberland Plateau. 66 years young, retired, and a few years into becoming a cattle rancher. I am on my second Gen2 R51. First one went back after 300 rds or so, after a couple months, Remington replaced it. Round two is going better, but after 900 rds of various factory loadings, still not carry reliable. It's fun to shoot, but I need it to be the pocket gun I expected, so hoping to get some ideas through this forum.

Thanks in advance,

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