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R51 General Discussion / How did this happen?
« on: March 09, 2017, 11:15:02 PM »
I have owned my R51 for close to a year. I have really enjoyed shooting it and have been impressed with many things about it.  I have defended the R51 against those who poo-poo not only the gun but Remington and their "new" reputation that has evolved over the past several years about the quality of their firearms and customer service.  Now I'm beginning to be concerned myself about it all. 
I purchased one of the new Gen 1 barrels from Ebay and when I received it I noticed one thing right off, shocking to say the least.  You see, my pistol came from the factory without grooves in the barrel  :o.  I noticed this the first time I took the gun apart before shooting it and thought, "what is this?".  No grooves?? I wonder what that is all about. I took it to the range and put a few hundred rounds through it and no problems, shot well and I was putting rounds into a four inch square bullseye at 50' so that is as well as I can shoot my other guns.  I had never had the opportunity to examine any other R51s so I had no reason to think this was not the way it was designed other than the fact about what I know about lands and grooves and bullet spin, but the shooting results did not reflect what the lack of grooves should have done to accuracy.  I will be calling Remington today and see what their reaction and plans are to make this right.  Below in the picture, the barrel that came with my gun is on the left and the Ebay barrel is on the right.  Remington, I'm not too happy right now. Especially the fact that something like this can leave the factory.  Who is looking at these guns before they leave?  Do you even have quality control inspectors?  How did a barrel with no grooves leave the fab shop?  How did that barrel get put into a gun, surely there must have been a bin of barrels to pick from in assembling the gun, why did the person assembling the gun not look at the barrel before putting it in my gun?  Even though I like the R51, this may well be my last Remington.  This makes me glad that something more critical that could have resulted in injury did not happen, but now I'm concerned it could if no one is checking better than this.

sorry, my picture will not load.  the size is only 214kb but says the file is too big.  if I get it figured out I'll edit the post or post it seperate.

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Photos - Remington R51 photos / My New R51
« on: September 17, 2016, 01:51:59 AM »
There is a saying on another forum, if you don't show pictures, it didn't happen.  So here is my proof of purchase  ;D

Introductions section / New Member from Florida
« on: September 03, 2016, 10:25:55 AM »
Hello to all, glad to find this forum as I am a new owner of a R51.  I got it about 4 weeks ago and have put nearly 700 rounds through with only a couple of hiccups, nothing major.  I have been waiting for this gun since the first release and happy that it came back after rework ((?)).  I see that the membership is a little low right now but I'm sure that will change fairly soon.  This gun is also the talk on other forums and I'm looking forward to learning some things from being here.  Thanks for having me as a member.

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