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General Discussion / R-51 version 2
« on: July 17, 2016, 02:16:50 AM »
The new R-51 feels in the hand exactly like the original except this one works every time so far. I have about 420 rounds though it, and not a single malfunction - although this is still early testing, and I have no idea how well it gets along with different ammo types yet.

I like to do a disassemble, clean and inspection on new guns after a short shooting. Helps me quickly find high wear points to lube, and improve my confidence in reliability.

Only thing I noted of importance on inspection after my first firing was the two angled surfaces the breech block mates with on the slide were slightly peened. Not unexpected with this type of recoil method. So, buffed them out, and noted as lube point.

One thing that impressed me was the notch on the frame that the breech block slams up against has no dings or noticeable wear yet. On my first R-51 it was very dinged up after about 50 rounds.

Shooting this gun for me is very easy. It fits me well and naturally points which is why I purchased it. Only thing I had to do was change my support had a little as I dropped the mag during recoil once. Not an issues shooting one handed. Did this on the original R-51. I did let one of my students shoot the gun, and he also dropped the mag. After I told him why it happen, he had no problem adjusting, and never dropped again. He also shot well out to 7 yards - first time he ever held an R-51, and a very new handgun shooter. The student also felt pointed well for him. Only complaint he had was the recoil was hard on his hand due to it being very narrow and all metal.

Well I think this is enough info for now. I plan to keep the R-51 in my range bag to ensure it gets at least 25 rounds every range session. If it keeps up performing like it started, Im gonna get a holster for it, and it will become my little carry buddy :-).

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