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General Discussion / ACME GP Gun related products - talk about them here
« on: December 06, 2017, 06:31:20 PM »
Product sources: 3 locations online you can buy from.

1: http://borecable.com - bore cable products
2: http://borewire.com/store/ - Bore Wire products - youtube demo video link >> https://youtu.be/J1z_NbBwzog
3: http://ebay.to/2B8CWKx My ebay store, everything I sell on ebay is listed there, most of it is gun related.
Link to ebay feedback >> http://ebay.to/2ACiVsK

This is the place to talk about or ask questions about any product I sell as ACME GP LLC.

Just reply here to this post and say what you want or ask any question you want.


R51 General Discussion / ACME GP Gun Cleaning Products
« on: December 06, 2017, 05:14:00 PM »
Hay forum users, it me, Robert. I am the person who started this forum.

This forum is about the Remington R51.

But, I have some things I would like to show you, stuff I make and sell that is Gun related.

My products are mostly all about gun cleaning. Click the links below to see them.

1: http://borecable.com - bore cable products
2: http://borewire.com/store/ - Bore Wire products - youtube demo >> https://youtu.be/J1z_NbBwzog
3: http://ebay.to/2B8CWKx My ebay store.

If you like you can purchase something, if not, thanks for looking and thanks for being here on this forum.

If you wish to make comments or ask questions or read more about these products please use the link below.



How to sign up - the rules / YOU ARE NOT BANNED - say what?
« on: March 25, 2017, 04:16:26 AM »
I am not going to ban people or kick them off this forum instantly, I am going to ask the offending person to be nice and stop the bad behavior.

Only if this person continues to antagonize others or keep doing what I asked then not to do, will I finally end up banning or kicking people off this forum.

I am a member of about 10 different forums across the internet on a bunch of different subjects. I was once banned from a forum, and it was because the admin was just a jerk.

Did I misbehave, yup, was I sorry, yup, but the overbearing admin instantly banned me, he did not give any second chances or ask me any questions to find out what my attitude was.

So I really did not like the way I was treated in this situation so I have decided to at least give people a chance and not instantly ban any one.

This does not mean I am going to let people get away with a lot of crap.

People are not always going to agree or get along, it happens, just try not to make comments that inflame the situation and keep it going. Do report the bad behavior to me so I keep an eye on the situation and intercede if need be.


General Discussion / Free Targets - download and print
« on: November 01, 2016, 07:01:29 AM »
A friend of mine built a website where you can download and print Targets.

Link >> http://freetarget.org

I am helping out making some targets as I have photoshop and some other software that allows me to build PDF files.

So far there are about 10 different targets on there as of now and more will be made and uploaded soon.

Just wanted to ask the people here if they will check it out and then give some feedback about it.

Do you guys think this is a good idea?

Are these types of targets useful to you if you are going to shoot at a paper target and not a thing such as a steel gong or tin can?

If you like these please feel free to share with friends or download the target files and send or share with friends.

You can suggest different styles or pictures of things you would like to see made into printable targets also.

No i'm not going to make up targets of political candidates, even though that might be funny. I could do people as long as it would be some one like Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein or maybe Hitler.


Introductions section / MOVED: Hello All
« on: October 09, 2016, 04:02:45 PM »

Other Guns - talk about them here / Ruger SR9c - new to me
« on: September 26, 2016, 01:55:18 PM »

Just traded a Springfield Armory XD .45 for this Ruger SR9c.

See bottom of this post for a photo of the XD .45 I traded away.

I had been trying to sell the SA .45 for a long time in several websites etc. I relisted it in armslist and got a trade offer. Was not looking at the Ruger SR9c before that, but after the trade offer I took a good hard look at it, read what people were saying, saw that people seemed to like it and for some good reasons so I decided to go ahead with the trade.

Value was roughly the same, I had 3 mags with the XD .45 and the Ruger came with 3 mags and was in great shape.

It seems people like the plastic guns in smaller 9mm versions and the XD .45 was not getting much attention. It is actually a little larger then a 1911 .45. as I have one and did a side by side comparison.

I thought since it was a 9mm and smaller, I might be able to sell it off a little more easy then the XD .45.

After I got it in my hands I begin to think I might like to hang on to it. Not sure about that as I have not shot it yet.

The mags come in 2 sizes, it came with two 17 round mags and one 10 round mag. The 17 round mags have a extension sleeve that makes them look a lot better. This makes it an 18 round gun, 17 in the mag and 1 in chamber. This makes it an ideal night stand/home defense gun fitted with the 17 round mag.

If I keep it, I will put a crimson trace laser on it also. I like lasers.

Concerning the sights, it has both wind-age and elevation adjustable rear site, a good thing, but no night sites.

One thing the Ruger has that I had previously wanted to get away from is a safety. I once owned a Glock and it took a long time for me to become OK with not having a safety but after seeing the other safety features and long trigger pull and reading how many times under the stress of the situation, cops using guns with safeties forgot to put the safety off in the heat of a gun fight. After that I got used to the idea of no safety and liked it.

Now with this Ruger, it does have a safety, so ?....

Reading up on it, the reviews said because the Ruger has a very crisp trigger with almost no take up, the safety was necessary as unlike a Glock, pull the trigger even a little and it goes BANG.

One thing that did help concerning the safety was this, when I held the gun out in a firing stance, I could reach up and flick the safety off easily with my thumb and not lose my firing grip on the gun. In other words should I forget to take the safety off, I can flick it off and fire pretty quickly. If I did have to bring the gun back down, adjust my grip or use my other hand to flick the safety off, no question this gun would not stay in my ownership.

After I got hold of it I put a snap cap in and tried the trigger and as I read in the reviews, it seems very good. I do like a good trigger so that was a great point that helped me liked the gun.

It also has a loaded chamber indicator, I did not like the "idea", but after I had the gun in hand, I decided I did like that. It also has an indicator to show the gun is cocked.

When I pick up the gun, I know it's status as loaded or not and cocked or not. Got to admit I do like that. I have handled this gun, put it away, next day opened the drawer and picked it up etc. After a few days I got a favorable impression of the loaded and cocked indicators.

If I teach my wife to use this gun, I know if I teach her to use these loaded and cocked indicators, she will probably like these features also.

A bad thing....

A mag must be inserted to fire the gun. Gun reviewers do not like this feature. This feature can be disabled ether by yourself or by a gunsmith. This gun I traded for has this feature disabled and will fire without a mag inserted. Why would they build it like this?, is this supposed to be a safety feature?

If your mag is low and you pull it to reload and the bad guy pops around the corner.... and you have to insert a mag before you can use the gun to defend yourself? Who's idea was this?

A gun is a deadly weapon, it should not be in your hand in a defense situation unless you know what your doing and how to use it, so why build it so it can be disabled if the mag gets removed?

What if you end up in a hand to hand close quarter battle and the gun gets banged around and the mag falls free? You have one round left in the gun and suddenly you get the chance to end the fight and shoot the bad guy...

But no, your gun has been disabled by some do good nanny mod that the lawyers made the manufacture put in, in a misguided attempt at safety? The only good thing about this feature is it can safely be disabled.

So the final decision - will I keep this gun will come after I shoot it. Been busy and have not gone to the range in a while, got to do that soon and get some rounds down range.

One thing i do have to say, this is one good looking gun specially with the 10 round mag. The photos don't do it justice. To see better photos Click here


XD .45 I traded away below

R51 General Discussion / OK YOU SPAMMER Basterds
« on: September 19, 2016, 07:09:42 AM »
HA, did you guys see the tidal wave of spam post, holy crap there was like 30 of em all posted in one day.

So unfortunately, since the "Spammers R US" spam mill has found us here, I have had to configure the forum for admin approval of all new members.

No choice really as this wave of spam had to stop.

So, new members who sign up please allow a bit of time for me to see the new member notice and approve you.


Photos - Remington R51 photos / How to ad photos - embedding in post
« on: September 04, 2016, 04:42:23 AM »
This article will show you how to ad embed photos in your post.

There are 2 ways to ad photos to your post.

1. Adding as attachments - this way your photos are hosted on this site and will appear below your post in a list - but only for people who are members and who are logged in. Visitors who are not logged in will not see the photos.

2. Embedding photos in a post - with this method you can ad photos to your post as attachments, then embed the photo in your post. The second way to embed a photo in your post is to upload your photo to our photo gallery, then embed the photo in your post. Photos embedded in post can be seen be all people who visit this site no matter if they are logged in your not.

Please do not embed photos in your post that are hosted in other locations on the web, this leads to dead links if those photos ever get moved or deleted. If you frequent other forums perhaps you have seen this - dead photo links that have a graphic of a frog or something that says this photo has been deleted or the account the photo is from has been deleted. This really sucks - this is why we do not want photos embedded on this site that are hosted in other locations - we NEVER want to see those dead photo graphics here on this site, your cooperation on this will be much appreciated.

Lets get started.

Step 1, upload photos to your post as shown in our previous article on how to ad photos located here at this link:


After you upload your photos as attachments then come back here and follow these instructions if you wish to embed your photos in your post.

After uploading as attachment and saving/publishing your post, click on the photo attachment thumbnail below your post so it enlarges to full size.

Next right click on it and chose view image. The image will appear in your browser and you can see the image address in your web browser address bar.

Copy the image address from your browser address bar and then click on the modify post link at the top of your post.

Next place your curser in the location in your post that you want the embedded image to appear.

Next click on the "insert image" button on the top menu. To find this button slowly move your mouse curser over each button on the menu until you see the text that says "insert image" it should be the button to the left of the button that has the larger blue planet graphic.

You will see image tags appear in your post with the curser flashing in between them. Click the control button and the "V" button on your keyboard to past the image address in between the photo tags.

Note - embedded photos appear at full size in your post so keep this in mind.

Next save/publish your post, the embedded image will appear in your post where the image tags were placed.

Method number 2, navigate to our photo gallery and upload your photo there. Save/Publish it.

After you save/publish the photo, view it in your photo gallery, then right click on it and chose view photo. Copy the photo address as instructed in the section above, the follow the instructions in the section above to embed the photo in your post.


Photos - Remington R51 photos / How to ad photos
« on: September 04, 2016, 02:00:39 AM »
When you make a new post look down below the white box where you write your post, you should see a link called Attachments and other options.

(For reference see photo 1 below with arrow pointing to attachments link).

Click on attachments link to open it.

That will open it up and you will see a section below called Attach with a button called Browse.

(See photo 3 arrow "A" for reference below).

Click the Browse button and it will open up a box showing access to your hard drive.

You should at that point be able to find and select the photo you wish to upload. You should know where the photo is stored on your hard drive and how to find and select it. Note, if you need help to figure out how to find stored photos on your hard drive please google it as this is to large a subject to cover in this photos how to section about posting photos on this site

The photo should not be too large or it will not upload.

Important - if you wish to upload more then one photo look for the little link below the browse button that says (more attachments) and click it.

(see photo 3 and arrow "B" for reference below)

Another browse button will be added and you will need to click it to ad the 2nd photo, keep going to ad up to 10 photos.

I recommend adding photos 1 at a time, then going back and editing your post to ad more photos, why? If your photo is too large and you went through the trouble to ad multiple photos there could be a problem where all the photos will not be added so if you are sure your photos are not to large, ad multiple photos at once, other wise ad them 1 at a time and the re-edit your post.

To re-edit your post click on the "modify post" link up at the top of your post after it has been posted.

(See photo 2 with arrow for reference to find modify button to edit or modify your post after it has been posted)

Maximum number of attachments per post are 10.

There is another article on how to embed photos inside your post, not just below your post as attachments. If you would like to view that article follow this link:



NOTE - for those of you visiting this website but who are not members and who are not logged in, you will not be able to see the photos referenced below or any photos attached to any post because you are not logged in. In some cases you may be able to see embedded photos that have been attached, then embedded into post.

Introductions section / MOVED: R51 not dead
« on: August 21, 2016, 03:26:24 PM »

It seems the true size of the Remington R51 Pistol has been mis-reported on many of the firearm websites and blogs at only 6" long.

It is being billed by Remington as a sub-compact but it is in fact 6-5/8" long not the incorrect 6" as reported on many blogs

It was previously reported at only 6" long - see below for a screenshot taken directly from Remington's 2014 Firearm Catalog.

Click this link for a full size screen shot: http://r51pistol.com/gallery/1_30_01_14_4_02_25.jpeg

Large screenshot at this link: http://r51pistol.com/gallery/1_30_01_14_4_08_50.jpeg


Remington 9mm R51 Sub-compact Pistol: The Birth of a New Classic—Shot Show 2014

If the popularity of the 101-year-old Browning-designed Model 1911 pistol tells us anything, it’s that great guns get even better through the application of modern technology. Remington took a page out of that playbook in the design of its newest pistol, the 9mm R51. What today is a beautiful sub-compact concealed carry gun started in 1917 as the Remington Model 51, designed by John Pederson. Pederson was a contemporary of John Browning, who called him “the greatest gun designer in the world.” Remington based its new gun on the Pederson design, resulting in a pistol with a crisp trigger, reliable action and a low bore to reduce felt recoil. Read more at the link below


All new members who sign up must make an introduction post in this section.

After that, you are free to post as often or as little as you like.

Once a week I check new members and delete any I find that do not have at least one post.

All members who do not make at least 1 post in the first 30 days WILL BE DELETED. This is an easy way for me to spot spammer accounts - accounts with zero post. Sorry to be so extreme but this is the world we live in these days. If your account got deleted for this reason you can re-sign up if you like.


Why is this done? Because spammers will sign up then leave their account dormant. Then, they come back in a few months and post spam links.

Notice to all new members, I expect you to report any inappropriate links or post you see in this forum to me, the forum owner and administrator. Please help me keep this forum free of spam and bad links etc.



Click this link to make an introduction post here - http://r51pistol.com/introductions/?action=post

Fill in the section on the new post form and submit it - thanks

Finding an R51 Pistol / Remington R51 stats and accessories
« on: January 27, 2014, 08:51:54 AM »
link to source of this info: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/01/01/remington-announces-r-51-pistol/

The R-51 will be shipping to dealers on February 1st. After the range session we all got together with the Remington reps and discussed the pistol for an hour or so. None of us really had any significant changes we thought should be made. I don’t know of one writer that didn’t like this new pistol myself included.

Weight 20 oz
Width .96
Length 6 inches
Height 4.5 inches
Barrel length 3.4
Internal Hammer SA

I hope you all enjoyed this announcement and review! Our readers are one of if not the first to hear about it! There’s more to come—-

* Readers requested information *
I spoke with Remington and here are the prices and types of replacement inserts. Extra mags have an MSRP of $29.95—probably less at street prices.



















7 Rounds


- See more at: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/01/01/remington-announces-r-51-pistol/#sthash.7azVqCFH.dpuf

Photos - Remington R51 photos / Remington R51 photos
« on: January 27, 2014, 08:31:49 AM »
Eye candy from some of the big websites and blogs who have done reviews.

Remington R51 setting on wood table

Image source: http://www.gunblast.com/Remington-R51.htm

Remington R51 profile photo with no laser

Image source: http://www.gundigest.com/guns/handgun-reviews-articles/shot-show-2014-remington-r51

Remington R51 profile photo with laser

Image source: http://www.gundigest.com/guns/handgun-reviews-articles/shot-show-2014-remington-r51

Remington R51 history photo - original R51 and New R51

Image source: http://www.bonzerwolf.com/today/tag/shot-2014

Image source: http://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/remington-9mm-r51-sub-compact-pistol-the-birth-of-a-new-classic-shot-show-2014/

Click on each thumbnail below to expand it - then click it again to shrink it back down.

Notice this forum does not show images unless you are logged in, sorry

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