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R51 General Discussion / Re: R51 on sale...
« on: Today at 12:01:57 PM »
Well, Remington has gotten a couple of Army contracts for M4 carbines.

Peace favor your sword,

Glad they won more than one! That should give them a little boost!

R51 General Discussion / Re: R51 Magazine lips
« on: August 13, 2018, 01:35:49 AM »
apparently it was designed to accommodate eventual .40 and .45 versions.

I can't wait for a .45 version! That would be awesome! Just as a side note to your original model 51, I saw one in person for the first time at a Gun Show yesterday. It was late 20s vintage, and was in near mint condition. The seller was asking $600 for it, should have gotten it. I just didn't have that kind of cash on me at the time. I told him that I had the updated version, the R51 and he laughed. He told me to buy his because it "worked" When I told him my R51 ran flawlessly, he seemed taken aback.

Introductions section / Re: Hello from NJ
« on: August 10, 2018, 01:11:57 AM »
Welcome to the forum! This is the place to be for the R51 owner. I am very much like you as far as mechanical things are concerned. My attitude was, "there isn't a problem that can't be solved". So when I saw how poorly they were doing, I got one. Funny thing is, I have yet to have a malfunction. Now I need a smoke frame like you have to complete the collection. Best of luck at the range! Please report back!


My range trip was very satisfying! I fired 107 rounds down range and the new mag release pin staying right where it belongs!  I will continue to watch it closely and report any problems back to y'all.    :D

Very good John! Glad to hear!

R51 General Discussion / Re: My new front sight
« on: August 03, 2018, 02:04:11 PM »
Very nice sight and trigger Todd! You do very good work. Looks like a factory job. Would you consider making them for us on here??

R51 General Discussion / Re: Latest Range Session
« on: August 01, 2018, 07:16:49 AM »
Thanks John. Hopefully the fix for my pistol will be as simple as replacing the magazines. I'm a little skeptical, however, as Remington already sent me two replacements and that did not solve the problems. I have no idea how new or old the mags were that they sent to me, so maybe I'll get lucky and some newer/redesigned versions will do the trick.



I know I still sound like a broken record, but I think the mags will fix you up. You just have to wind up with a good setting of mags though. That's the challenge!! Good luck and keep us posted!  ;)

Other Guns - talk about them here / Re: Remington 870
« on: July 30, 2018, 01:49:22 AM »
Thanks Sean,

You ain't kidding about the sore shoulder. Just last night I ordered a recoil pad for it.

Have you tried Remington's Super Cell pads? They turn an 870 from a kicking mule into a Cadillac.

R51 General Discussion / Re: Latest Range Session
« on: July 30, 2018, 01:44:41 AM »
Thank goodness! I hope it continues to work well for you John!

Other Guns - talk about them here / Re: Sturmgewehr 44
« on: July 29, 2018, 12:33:34 PM »
Very nice shootin' for iron sights Sean. I need to get out this week or next for a 22lr day. I've been depleting my stock of .380 and .45 lately which is going to hurt when I have to replenish it. I really should learn to reload :)

Thank you sir! I have been having so much fun with my .22s lately in the afternoons, my big bore, artillery pieces have been shelved for the time being. Not to mention, the old warhorses I have are getting TOOOO pricey to feed!  :o I reload, but it's just taking the time to go out to the shop and do it that I have trouble with. In the long run, it's probably cheaper to find bulk ammo on sale with free shipping.

Other Guns - talk about them here / Re: Remington 870
« on: July 29, 2018, 12:29:47 PM »

I used to be a BIG TIME clay shooter when I was younger. I placed in the top ten for 3 consecutive years at the state level when I was a kid in 4-H. But as time went on, I got busier, went to college, work, and so forth, it just took a backseat to everything else I have had come up. Then I got into collecting M1 Garands, WWII weapons, so shotguns went to the back of the safe, save one single barrel 20 gauge Winchester that I use on varmints around the house. You sure got a beautiful piece of Americana there my friend! My first trap and skeet gun was an 870. Got a bruised up shoulder first time out, but had so much fun, I forgot about the shoulder! The 1100 has been my "old reliable" since my 4-H days and has seen many thousands of rounds, has been babied (still looks like new), and keeps on plugging away!

Remington sure got the magic formula down for their shotguns!

Other Guns - talk about them here / Re: r51fan2017
« on: July 28, 2018, 06:27:43 AM »
  nice shooting ,looking forward to getting back to shoot and carry again , sitting in new jersey , cant waite to back to florida less than 60 days ,  johnnysr61

Thanks Johnny! Hope you have had a good summer! I know that 60 days can't pass fast enough!  :) Oh, well, you aren't missing much. Here in LA its been over 100 the past several weeks. I will be happy when the temps cool down a bit in the next 60 so I can spend more time outside shooting!

Other Guns - talk about them here / Re: Sturmgewehr 44
« on: July 26, 2018, 12:16:56 PM »
Finally, the post I have been meaning to post for a week. Got some time this afternoon to staple a target and shoot for a few minutes. This is the result from 30 yards, and elevation raised to the 8 m mark. Very pleased to say the least. Especially considering I was shooting $1.90 a box Armscor ammo.

R51 General Discussion / Re: ammunition
« on: July 26, 2018, 01:47:25 AM »
Welcome aboard!   :) Just for the record, I think Robert likes to see an intro post in the introductions forum before posting anywhere else. Anyway, I have used 147 gr. Federal Hydra-Shok ammo in mine, as well as Hornady Critical Defense with no problems. Unfortunately, these pistols seem to be on a case by case basis, so you may want to experiment with a few types yourself and see what you pistol likes. Cheers!

I'll keep that offer in mind! Actually I am getting the same malfunction with all of my magazines. If I run the pistol with 1-round in the chamber and 7-rounds in the magazine (i.e. 7+1) it malfunctions almost every time on the first shot. If I download it by 1 round (6+1) the malfunctions go away. As a carry pistol, I want to be able to use it with 7+1 rounds, I don't want to download it. I realize you are correct when you said the "pistol" is working. Still, the pistol and its magazines are a system, and they need to work together. If I send my R51 back to Remington, and all they do is sort through a pile of magazines to find two that work with my pistol, that is fine with me. I would prefer that to having them send me pair after pair that still don't work.


The magazines are the heart and soul of an automatic pistol. Also, I one hundred percent agree with you on capacity. What's the point of having a 7 round mag when you can only have 6 in it? I hope Big Green will get you fixed up this time. I can't believe there is such a difference in quality in comparison to the R1 and RM380 lines. You would figure since the 51 is a "heritage" pistol for them, they would have taken more pride and time in their work to make sure every aspect (especially the magazines for it) would be 100%. Best of luck to you!



You are one devoted man to be shooting in the rain. I would have packed up and gone inside! Also, right when you clipped the spring, and said if it would work or not, I blurted out "Yes!" and right on cue you said "NO!". Darn it! I would be so tempted to send  you mine with my mags for you to do a video with. I have 420 rounds in mine and not one flub up. She eats everything just fine....yes, even hollow points. All I can say is that at least you have one mag that works! Sorry to see it still hiccuping like that. Not trying to be nit picky about your grammar or anything, but when you said "send it back to Remington to fix the PISTOL (emphasis added)", my first thought is......the pistol obviously works. That one mag you have proves that. Unfortunately, you just keep getting stuck with FUBAR mags. My personal opinion is that it is a waste of time sending it back to Remington. I don't think they are capable of even fixing their own pistol. Sad isn't it? I have to laugh to keep from crying.  :'(  I'll take that smoke frame off your hands for $50!  ;D

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