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R51 General Discussion / Re: First 300 Shots
« on: Today at 12:14:24 AM »
Here is what I did:  lock the slide back, insert a full mag, grasp the back of the slide, pull back, release.

I don't recall exactly how far it went forward before it hot hung up, but an extra tap on the back of the slide got it to close.  My hope is that this will get smoother over time and cease to be a problem.  At this point in the break-in, would anyone recommend a little extra gun oil on the rails or Pedersen block?  Or would this just gum things up more as the inside gets dirty?

Yes, I've paid close attention to Kirk's comments and remembered to cover the bull with the front sight dot; still two inches low.  I will *never* rule out my shooter error when talking about the accuracy of my guns, and I admit there are times when I lapse into a bit of a finch, but I think it is hitting low.  I'll try it off the bench next time to see if my results change.

R51 General Discussion / First 300 Shots
« on: June 26, 2017, 01:18:25 AM »
First day at the range with my brand, new R1...

I didn't disassemble or clean the pistol before taking it to the range.  I didn't to anything else to prepare the pistol except to take a paint stir stick and depress each magazine spring 100 times.  (http://r51pistol.com/r51-general-discussion/racking-with-a-full-mag/msg880/#msg880)

The first 50 rounds of Remington FMJ ran pretty much flawlessly.  I didn't have the same luck with the next 250 rounds of Winchester White Box.  The slide wood get stuck back on virtually every magazine of WWB.  This occurred on the first first, second, and sometimes third and fourth round of each magazine.  The gun wasn't locked up as it only took a slight tap on the back of the slide with my thumb for the pistol to return to battery.  I also had a handful of stovepipes with the WWB.

I mostly inserted full magazines into the pistol with the slide locked back.  In using the slingshot technique to chamber a round, I needed to give the slide a little push to get it to close.  I also found that I was able to rack the slide on a full mag.  It wasn't completely smooth, but at least I was able to do it.

I was disappointed most to discover that mine shoots about 2" low at 12 yards (at least with WWB).

In cleaning the pistol, there must be a burr or something that is retarding the spring bushing because it was very difficult to raise it half way out of the slot.  And once I got the bushing in the correct position, it was very difficult to pull the barrel out of the slide.  If was very tight and it looked like the grip threads on the barrel were causing friction.  Blackie's spring clamp tip was most helpful in disassembly.  (http://r51pistol.com/r51-general-discussion/take-down-of-r51-made-easy/msg1103/#msg1103)

Reassembly was not quite a difficult, but the bushing gave me similar problems going back in.  Maybe I'll get the hang of it after a few more times.

I can't wait to try it with different ammo.  No more WWB for this R51.

R51 General Discussion / Re: Fire Sale + Rebate
« on: June 20, 2017, 01:20:33 AM »
I'm just a "shill."

Kirk, if it wasn't for you and Blackie, I wouldn't have purchased an R51.

There is probably a silent majority of R51 users who likely don't have problems and who don't go on the youtube to share their positive experience.  Heaven forbid anyone should be caught "shilling" for Remington these days.   ;) 

And for the problems that do exist, this website has been an invaluable resource for dealing with them.

Yes, you can argue all day that given today's modern manufacturing capabilities, handguns shouldn't need a break in period, and you'd have a good point.

But I wanted the R51 because it is unique, distinctive and innovative.  I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with this on the range.

R51 General Discussion / Re: Replacement barrel
« on: June 20, 2017, 12:49:46 AM »
Did the new barrel change your point of aim?

Or would you not expect this to happen just because you changed your barrel out?

R51 General Discussion / Re: Fire Sale + Rebate
« on: June 19, 2017, 04:53:52 AM »
I took the plunge and I'm officially in the club!

$250 is too sweet of a price to pass up.

I got mine from a local shop.  The sticker on the box indicates that it was one of the original batch re-released in Aug 2016.

Stay tuned for a range report in a week or two.

R51 General Discussion / Re: R51s at Bud's
« on: June 15, 2017, 07:45:30 AM »
Yes, I saw another local gun shop under $300 as well.

I understand Remington offering the rebate to generate a little buzz, but where is the corresponding price drop coming from?

R51 General Discussion / Fire Sale + Rebate
« on: June 15, 2017, 12:50:26 AM »
Although many retail stores in my area still hang $449 price tags on their R51's, at least one shop posted an internet price below $300.

I cross checked this with BudsGunShop.com and he is under $300 too.

Plus Remington is offering a $50 rebate on the R51 through 7/30/2017 (limit 5).

It might be time to stock up!

R51 General Discussion / Re: Reloading ammunition for the R51
« on: May 02, 2017, 03:09:16 AM »
Remington replaced the whole darn gun.  I wish they'd just cleared the channel but I can't blame them for replacing the gun.

Why can't you blame them for replacing the whole gun?  I would!

Why would they do that?  Remington must believe it is cheaper for them to give you a whole new gun than figure out what was wrong with your old one.

You certainly maintain a good attitude regarding the R51.  If I send mine in and the new one they sent me back didn't work as good as the first (given the history of this particular firearm), I'd be very upset.  But then I don't have the knowledge or patience to tinker with parts or reloads until I obtain reliable performance.

It was also my hope that Remington would introduce unannounced manufacturing improvements that would increase out-of-the-box reliability.  That is to say, I hoped that newer built firearms would function better than the initial Mod 2's produced, but you appear to have an example to the contrary; unless of course you need to put another 200-1000 rounds through this one to break it in too.

R51 General Discussion / Re: Trigger Mods
« on: May 02, 2017, 01:51:51 AM »
On that note, is it just me or is it easier to hit a small target at 50 yards or the bulls eye on a paper target at the same distance.  If I am shooting in the back yard at tin cans, I puncture them with great regularity.  On a paper target at the same distance, I suck. 

Here is what I thought of...

Sundance Kid:  "Can I move?  ...  I'm better when I move."


R51 General Discussion / Re: Trijicon tritium sights for the R51
« on: April 03, 2017, 07:45:02 AM »
T3,  Did you get those Trijicon tritium sights installed, and if so, did they move your point of impact?

R51 General Discussion / Re: Purchase a Used R51?
« on: March 31, 2017, 03:26:28 AM »
The shop has a good reputation and I've purchased there before.  They have great service and fair prices.

Remington's website states only the positive; the limited lifetime warranty applies to the original purchaser.  However, I wanted to confirm the negative.  I called and got through to a customer service representative immediately via the 1-800 number.  She confirmed that the warranty does not transfer.

The label on the box at the shop identified it as one of the early guns that was shipped in preparation for the August 12 re-release to the public.  The piece looked as if it had barely been shot.

I will pull the trigger on an R51 some day, but I'm not ready to do so on a used one - as long as the warranty doesn't transfer.  Even though I believe most R51s function well out-of-the-box or after a break-in period, there still seem to be some lemons that need to go back to the shop.  And although I have no reason to believe that this gun at this shop is a lemon, saving a few bucks isn't worth the risk to me.

But I was just wondering how others felt about purchasing used R51s.

R51 General Discussion / Purchase a Used R51?
« on: March 30, 2017, 11:06:53 PM »
Would you purchase a used R51 - in like-new condition - from a gun shop?

Remington's limited lifetime warranty is not transferable to the second owner.

R51 General Discussion / Re: Taurus Spectrum look familiar?
« on: March 29, 2017, 12:00:41 AM »
I agree, there is a bit of a mixed message.  Put a product in a fancy package and the new and uninitiated will flock to it.  So what if it isn't the best option for them to start with.  But Taurus' current marketing info doesn't claim this is a good gun for beginners (at least not that I've seen).  Rather they say they are "shaping the future of everyday carry."  Since this is a carry pistol and if you are serious about everyday carry, I think it presupposes that you know something about shooting - or it should.

The problem comes in with the misconception many have about new women shooters and guns - small person, small gun.  This is perpetuated when retailers and boyfriends give bad advice.  I wonder how many people recommending micro blowback 380s to new shooters have ever shot one.

R51 General Discussion / Re: Taurus Spectrum look familiar?
« on: March 28, 2017, 02:29:51 AM »
I think it is a sexy looking pistol.  I've never cared much for colored pistols: flat earth polymer, two-tone, etc.  That is just my preference; give me black or blued.  But I think Taurus did a really nice job designing the lines and color schemes.  They are cheap enough, and if they perform, I can see lots of women buying them.  Maybe guys too, who knows, these are the 20-teen's.  "Not that there's nothing wrong with that..."

My thing is that I don't like shooting light 380 blow-back micros.  It will be interesting to see if the grippy texture does anything substantial to absorb or distribute the snappy recoil.

Other Guns - talk about them here / Re: Remington RP9
« on: March 24, 2017, 12:46:20 AM »
...and the Browning Hi-Power.   ;-)   (I couldn't agree more with what you said about range guns.)

I was just amazed that there were so many reports of problems with the RP9 after the R51 disaster.  And I don't know if these problems are real or perceived (I do have my own opinions), but you would have thought that Remington would not allow this to happen two times in a row.

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