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Photos - Remington R51 photos / Re: Remington R51 photos
« on: December 16, 2017, 09:40:53 AM »
Here is a step by step explanation in case you need it for the http://picresize.com/ web site.


Go here >> http://picresize.com/ then click the browse button to open the photo files on your hard drive

Next Select the photo from your hard drive as shown - in you don't know how to select a photo from your hard drive google it - that is to long a subject to cover here

Next Find the step 2 section as shown in the photo above and chose the 1280 or the 1024 size option - then see next photo for the next step

Next Skip step 3 and go to step 4 shown in photo above and chose the yellow button - I'm done resize my picture

Next Chose the save to disk option as shown above - click on it

Next Chose save file option on the box that opens

Next Chose the location on your hard drive to save the resized photo to -

Note - if you do not know how to chose a location and navigate to different locations on your hard drive google that and figure it out - explaining that is too much to cover here in this section


Thank you Robert! It's always nice to have someone in house who does this kind of thing. Will bookmark the links, so next time I need something, I can get it. Thanks again!


Thanks Sean

These make great Christmas gifts if you have family or friends that are gun owners.


General Discussion / ACME GP Gun related products - talk about them here
« on: December 06, 2017, 06:31:20 PM »
Product sources: 3 locations online you can buy from.

1: http://borecable.com - bore cable products
2: http://borewire.com/store/ - Bore Wire products - youtube demo video link >> https://youtu.be/J1z_NbBwzog
3: http://ebay.to/2B8CWKx My ebay store, everything I sell on ebay is listed there, most of it is gun related.
Link to ebay feedback >> http://ebay.to/2ACiVsK

This is the place to talk about or ask questions about any product I sell as ACME GP LLC.

Just reply here to this post and say what you want or ask any question you want.


R51 General Discussion / ACME GP Gun Cleaning Products
« on: December 06, 2017, 05:14:00 PM »
Hay forum users, it me, Robert. I am the person who started this forum.

This forum is about the Remington R51.

But, I have some things I would like to show you, stuff I make and sell that is Gun related.

My products are mostly all about gun cleaning. Click the links below to see them.

1: http://borecable.com - bore cable products
2: http://borewire.com/store/ - Bore Wire products - youtube demo >> https://youtu.be/J1z_NbBwzog
3: http://ebay.to/2B8CWKx My ebay store.

If you like you can purchase something, if not, thanks for looking and thanks for being here on this forum.

If you wish to make comments or ask questions or read more about these products please use the link below.



Introductions section / Re: Introduction from New Member
« on: June 13, 2017, 07:21:11 AM »
Gphillips, welcome, thanks for signing up.


Guys, I humbly request you all refrain from discussion in the new member into section.

This is for new members to introduce themselves, any replies should simply be something like, welcome aboard...


R51 General Discussion / Re: remington r51 grips
« on: May 17, 2017, 05:37:11 PM »
Nice grips. While probably a lot more work, I think people would like something like these that never appeared to make it to market.

These grips could easily be made on a CNC mill.

Hay keefersgrips I went ahead and placed a link to your auctions. Unlike some forums I don't have any problem with that sort of thing, linking to a ebay auction or some other site that sells things, no matter if it is your site or a site you are not affiliated with as long as it is on topic and since you are selling grips made for the gun this forum is about, that certainly qualifies as "on topic"

keefersgrips link >> http://www.ebay.com/usr/keeferja?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

Please confirm I got it right and this is your ebay ID I linked to.

Thanks for joining up BTW.


How to sign up - the rules / YOU ARE NOT BANNED - say what?
« on: March 25, 2017, 04:16:26 AM »
I am not going to ban people or kick them off this forum instantly, I am going to ask the offending person to be nice and stop the bad behavior.

Only if this person continues to antagonize others or keep doing what I asked then not to do, will I finally end up banning or kicking people off this forum.

I am a member of about 10 different forums across the internet on a bunch of different subjects. I was once banned from a forum, and it was because the admin was just a jerk.

Did I misbehave, yup, was I sorry, yup, but the overbearing admin instantly banned me, he did not give any second chances or ask me any questions to find out what my attitude was.

So I really did not like the way I was treated in this situation so I have decided to at least give people a chance and not instantly ban any one.

This does not mean I am going to let people get away with a lot of crap.

People are not always going to agree or get along, it happens, just try not to make comments that inflame the situation and keep it going. Do report the bad behavior to me so I keep an eye on the situation and intercede if need be.


R51 General Discussion / Re: problems with r-51
« on: December 28, 2016, 06:23:18 AM »
you are full of shit.. I was not trying to convince anyone of anything it when several people have sent their pistols in for repair and still say it is a good gun something is wrong; tell you what I will no longer be a party to this forum. not because I am afraid of what you or anyone else says because you want to read into my post what ever you want to . I don't know why there are no vote from those who sent their pistols in for repair but it is not my fault they haven't posted on the poll. we both know several members of this forum have sent theirs in. If you must ask I voted for not trusting the pistol at the present time to carry for self defense or protection. and I am not the only one who posted that.
now for your information color me gone I don't need  a bunch of excuse makers I am going to lock the poll and I am no longer on this forum I hope that Remington comes up with a fix for the pistol because as I said it looks great feels pretty good. it just dosent work well. again you are full of shit and that said I bet the moderator will ban me. that will be the first time it has ever happened to me. and this is the first time I ran across a group who make excuses for a gun that has serious problems.

iquit, all opinions are valid here, happy, unhappy with the R51 etc.

Please remember this is a forum and some people are better at expressing their feeling then others, me for instance. I have come across pretty strong and got into arguments with people on other forums, mostly just because it is a forum and people tend to get wound up and upset.

Strong feeling are perfectly acceptable, one way or another concerning the R51.

Just please use words like strongly disagree and not "full of shit".

Forum post are only one small tidbit of some ones thoughts at that moment, they are not the 10 commandments carved into stone and spoken by GOD as the last word on the subject.... So you guys try and be understanding of one another and a tiny bit more respectful then saying stuff like "your full of shit".

I want people to feel free to be full of shit and still be able to participate here, because we are all very different and we express ourselves well, or, at times not so well so try and be understanding and not abrasive even if you feel the other guy has gone off and begun wading into the BS pond a bit. It happens... discussion go side ways into areas we don't exactly expect or agree with, don't keep re-reading some one's post and keep getting more irritated.

It is a forum, move it along and keep in mind they person who posted might have perfectly represented his feelings, or might have flubbed it up and would maybe re-word it 5 minutes later. That is where the statement wading into the BS pond a bit comes in. We all might wade in at times, so lets allow each other a bit of lee way and not take it as an insult if some one says something you might consider BS.

Watch a bit of star trek, even Spock will say things that could be considered BS, though he would never admit it. Dr Mccoy will call him on it though, but they don't end up pointing phasers at each other. How's that for BS.....hahah

Lighten it up and carry on gentlemen.


R51 General Discussion / Re: Idea for Remington
« on: December 21, 2016, 04:21:28 AM »
Hay kawa, we get your pissed that your R51 has problems, but most of your post are negative comments and you said you come here to learn.

I generally have a hands off policy but I am asking you to at least try and be positive for now.

We are all fans of the R51 here and while trying not to be Pollyanna's about it, are hoping Remington will get it right and the R51 will end up being a great gun.

Yes there are too many problems but Remington seems to be determined to take care of customers who have problems.

So watch and learn and participate but try and not make every single post you make negative towards the R51 please.

I do get your comment was made in a joking fashion. On the other hand I ask the other members here to not be too hard on people who are irritated if their R51 has problems and they seem to have an attitude. I can be one hell of a pessimist some times and if I was in kawa's position, I might need counseling myself as I would be irritated also.


Introductions section / Re: New Owner from Naples, FL
« on: November 19, 2016, 04:11:33 AM »

Thanks for signing up.

Introductions section / Re: New R-51 Owner in Crystal Lake, IL
« on: November 19, 2016, 04:11:24 AM »

Thanks for signing up.

Introductions section / Re: New Member from Minnesota
« on: November 19, 2016, 04:10:57 AM »

Thanks for signing up.

Introductions section / Re: New member
« on: November 19, 2016, 04:10:37 AM »

Thanks for signing up.

Introductions section / Re: New member
« on: November 19, 2016, 04:10:22 AM »

Thanks for signing up.

Hello  Griffbl

If you seriously want all black sights why not just paint the ones you have? You can paint over the white dots, might take multiple coats. Or, you could take a small pointed object such as a small needle, or maybe a small drill bit, remove the paint from the dots and then use some black paint and viola, all black sights.

Is that the results you wanted? Why pay a big price and go through removing and re-installing sights - some times hard to do though I do not know how hard it would be on the R51.

If you are not the do it yourself type, perhaps you know some one who is, or you could possibly find a local gunsmith to help you for probably not more $$ then replacement sights would cost.


BTW, I can not deal with all black sights myself. My son bought a Springfield Armory MC Operator .45 and it had all black sights, we were at a dimly lit range and the sights had no contrast, it was black front sight, black rear sight and dark target and everything just melded together. Each shot required concentration in order to properly discern and align front sight, rear sight and target, then when I had it just right, boom. I shot well with the gun, but slowly. Actually I like the gun so much I went out and bought one, but found one with white dot sights.


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