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New R51 owner

Started by JB250, January 30, 2023, 09:45:16 PM

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Hello, I'm new to the forum and looking forward to reading and learning about the R51. I just purchased a used R51 and am looking forward to going to the range with it.
Glad to be here!  :)


Not alot of activity here anymore but defiantly a good resource to research any questions you may have. Many questions or problems have been discuss previously.
Enjoy, I find the R51 to be naturally accurate shooter


Hey and hello OhioR51, yes I see the forum is some what of a ghost town. However I am glad it does exist. I have a gen 2 and took it to the range. Only put 30 rounds through it. Had one fail to feed but performed Great other than that. I have noticed It is a bit snappy in the palm, reminds me of the Makarov I used to own years ago.


Hello. {lo, lo, lo...}

Anybody here? {Here, here, here...}
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I don't think so. But still good things to read. I was a member in a Triumph motorcycle forum. It was the same way. No one ever visited or commented any more.