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R-51 Slide Locked

Started by ChipV, January 11, 2022, 07:42:54 AM

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I purchased my R-51 in the spring of 2020, run approximately 1,000 rounds through it and cleaned it half dozen times. Although the breakdown was initially difficult, it became easier with time.

The last I reassembled the pistol, I encountered a significant problem: The slide became locked in the open position while inserting the slide stop pin. See photos.

Has anyone here experienced this? Any ideas on how to "unstick" the slide? Or do I need to take it to a gunsmith?

Any suggestions are appreciated?


Welcome Chip... I would try working the slide holding the pistol upside down. You can also try bumping the slide back and forth while upside down using a table edge against the front and rears sights. Gravity may help something shift out of the way. Protect surfaces with a towel... Joe



Thanks for the suggestions. The slide appears to be "frozen" but I'll give it a try.


Just looking at the photo I can see that the barrel is sticking way too far out.  This could be the barrel being slightly out of rotation and not lining up with the grooves on the receiver.  You could try twisting the barrel with your hand to see if that will get it to go in place.  Or try holding the pistol pointing down with the barrel on your work bench/table and push down to see if that frees anything up.
- Erik


First and foremost, please remove the magazine from your gun while working on it.  Don't want any accidents. Secondly, your third photo shows the hole for the slide catch.  The barrel must be visible through there before you can insert the slide catch.  See the photo below.
- Erik


Quote from: ChipV on January 11, 2022, 10:43:10 AMJoe,

Thanks for the suggestions. The slide appears to be "frozen" but I'll give it a try.

Were you able to get it unstuck?