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First outing after Remington sent back my R51

Started by Zemo, September 02, 2019, 06:44:26 PM

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Well, I took my wife and about 4 pistols to the area close to our home that we use for a range. There was a Beretta Tomcat in stainless-.32acp, a Bersa Thunder in .380, a Ruger LCP Custom in .380 (quite modified) and my R51.  You can probably guess which pistol I enjoyed the most-the R51 had almost no issues firing 7+1 with hardball, hollow points and Underwood Extreme Defenders. The R51 shot everything to the same point of aim (thank you for the tip on how Remington sighted in the R51).  It hit easily out to 25 yards and beyond on pop cans, and plastic soda bottles.  The Underwoods really liked those plastic soda bottles (still full). All told about 65 rounds through the R51. That's about 300 or so since new.
A little info on the others:
the Beretta Tomcat was accurate but had the worst trigger I have used in my time with firearms. It felt like rocks in the action with DA trigger pull up to about 20 pounds with catches and clunks all the way through.
The Bersa Thunder worked extremely well until the disconnector spring slipped out of the groove in the trigger bar. This made the gun think there was no magazine in it and killed the trigger.  If you have this problem take off the right grip panel and make sure the spring is intact and still peened to the frame, then check to see if it lies "flat" while pulling the trigger. If not bend it a bit until it does-that keeps it from riding out of the groove in the trigger bar.
The ruger LCP Custom oh boy.  I have put parts in this little gun like you wouldn't believe.  The first incident occurred with a modified magazine holding 7 rounds and one in the chamber. First shot and the guts of the magazine and ammo hit the floor! (not a MagGuts mod). Best to leave the stock floorplate in, which I reinstalled at the range. Put about 50-60 rounds through it before the front sight ejected, never to be found again.  All the other mods worked well from Galloway and MCARBO.
If anybody is aware of how to help the action on the Tomcat I'd love to know, short of completely dismantling the thing.  It's supposed to be my wife's gun and she can't pull the trigger even on single action!   And If anybody knows where to find a front sight for the LCP Custom (I already checked Numrich) that would be very helpful.
So much for comparison of a gun Big Green got "wrong" against a few of the "all stars", huh? 
Be safe and have fun-Zemo in Wyoming


Quote from: Zemo on September 02, 2019, 06:44:26 PMAnd If anybody knows where to find a front sight for the LCP Custom (I already checked Numrich) that would be very helpful.
I'd call Ruger and tell them that the sight came out and ask them to ship a replacement.

Peace favor your sword,


I just emailed them so I hope to hear something by Friday.


I talked to Ruger and they fixed the front sight issue. It appears they used a black locktight kind of goo on it.