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Monarch 115gr ammo

Started by lklawson, May 06, 2019, 07:50:06 AM

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Took my R51 and two boxes of Monarch 115 gr. ammunition to the range.  First round failed to chamber properly.  After seating it still didn't "feel" right.  So I dropped the mag and went to eject the round.  It wouldn't eject.  Slide was locked up.

I've seen this before with some of my hand-loaded HC and Coated HC bullets.  The ogive of the bullet was engaging past the leade of the chamber.  The bullet was engaging the rifling, basically.  Bad juju.  I braced the rear sight on the wood shooting table.  I love the rear sight on the R51.  When I finally managed to eject the round, I found that perfect scuff mark ring on the ogive.  I fed a box of the Moarch to my Sub 2000, which has a looser chamber and is blow-back anyway.  I pulled out some of the last remaining hand-loaded bullets I have that don't cause chamber problems.  The were from SNS Casting, but they've discontinued that mold and started something else.  While they don't over-pressure the gun, the loaded cartridges don't feed well.

Most of the time, factory loaded cartridges are fine but I have to be super careful and "pre-test" them before I run them. 

I know that having a SAMMI minimum spec chamber theoretically makes the gun more accurate but it truly is one of the most frustrating things about this gun. 

Peace favor your sword,