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R51 after action report.

Started by Plain Old Dave, February 01, 2019, 04:50:29 PM

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Plain Old Dave

Gun is in work as of yesterday.  Not getting any particular sense of urgency from Big Green.

springfield art

I'm guessing that the newly- announced carry pistol by Mossberg will give the R51 a run for it's money...not that the R51 is doing all that well in the marketplace as it is. Those of us that have the R51 and enjoy working with it can chalk up our positive experiences as part of the fun of being "gun guys". Best to all!

Plain Old Dave

Update.  Tried an old instructor trick; random dummy rounds in the mag. I'm pushing, aka anticipating recoil. Before you start spending money and doing without your gun, try some live fire with random dummy rounds in the magazines.


I`d forgotten about the different site settings , good thing you brought that up but I`m a combat shooter as far as that goes. But I got my 51 in january and run 200 rnds of +P thru it 100% perfect with good accuracy. But I had the forsite from reading the reviews and dry cycled the gun before firing it and quickly found out it was going to give problems. So end result was I didn`t try to shoot it with other than 6 in the mag and was 100%. The only other issue was if I used my Lulu loader to load a mag it would promote the rounds to nose dive in the mag so just a rap or two in my palm would straighten that out quickly. They do need to have better quality mags witch I don`t believe is going to happen. But I did`nt buy mine for carry but would trust it. I just like the looks and the pederson action.