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New R51 Shoots Great

Started by ulflyer, January 15, 2019, 02:25:13 PM

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That does seem like a light charge for a 100 grain bullet.  It's what I use for 124 grain bullets.


Zenshot;  4.5 of HP38 is my normal light load with 115gr bullets.  Have used these for plinking for several year in a variety of guns,  some mine,  some a friends.  Right now, the Bersa is my only other 9mm and if it handles the 100gr,  I;ll load up a batch for it and then go back to my 115's which has worked very well in the R51.  Mainly I enjoy shooting 45acp,  either a Colt1991 or Kahr P45.  Have had these two a long time while others come and go.  I got the R51 out of shear curiosity just to see how it would work for me.  I enjoy working with potentially problematic guns.   ;D

scouts owner

The weather finally dried up enough to let me put the first rounds through my new gray gun. Took it apart and cleaned it first, light lube and reassembled.
Shot 36 rounds of Remington 115 grain RN FMJ through it as fast as I could. Not one failure of any type. Happy Happy Happy.


Zenshot:  I gave up on trying to make 100gr bullets work.  my 115's work pretty much flawless so I'll stick with those.