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Author Topic: YOU ARE NOT BANNED - say what?  (Read 1662 times)


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YOU ARE NOT BANNED - say what?
« on: March 25, 2017, 04:16:26 AM »
I am not going to ban people or kick them off this forum instantly, I am going to ask the offending person to be nice and stop the bad behavior.

Only if this person continues to antagonize others or keep doing what I asked then not to do, will I finally end up banning or kicking people off this forum.

I am a member of about 10 different forums across the internet on a bunch of different subjects. I was once banned from a forum, and it was because the admin was just a jerk.

Did I misbehave, yup, was I sorry, yup, but the overbearing admin instantly banned me, he did not give any second chances or ask me any questions to find out what my attitude was.

So I really did not like the way I was treated in this situation so I have decided to at least give people a chance and not instantly ban any one.

This does not mean I am going to let people get away with a lot of crap.

People are not always going to agree or get along, it happens, just try not to make comments that inflame the situation and keep it going. Do report the bad behavior to me so I keep an eye on the situation and intercede if need be.

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